Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baby Harrell [8 months old]

How on Earth is our little babe 8 months old already?  Cue all the smiley/crying emojis here…

8 month collage

We don’t have a doctor’s appointment until 9 months so we will have to try and get some measurements on our own…but so far we haven’t. 

JJ had a little bit of a cold in the beginning of the month, it made its rounds in the family and he caught it for a few days.  It was so sad, and we had one night especially that was sleepless for the two of us.  Luckily he didn’t have a fever of any kind, just a runny nose and cough.  We gave him some Tylenol which I didn’t know could cause some issues poop-wise… that with the combination of the apples, bananas and rice cereal that he’d been eating made for some uncomfortable bowel movements. Poor little guy.  We have definitely learned not to combine all those things, plus we’ve swapped out the rice cereal for oat cereal and things have gotten a lot better.  TMI in the poop department…sorry. :)

Still no more teeth, just the two on the bottom.


This month he has mastered the sitting up, and loves to just sit up and look around at everything!  He has also mastered waving, it’s SO cute!  He will randomly wave at us, the TV, himself… not so much strangers yet, he’s still a bit shy, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Food-wise he really will eat any kind of puree we give him.  His favorites continue to be avocado, mango, oatmeal, (oat cereal) and parsnips!  His new favorite this month has been kale, which was a huge shocker to us!

The stranger danger has gotten better, but he still doesn’t love unfamiliar people talking to him.  He won’t immediately start screaming all the time though… so that’s progress. :)

As for food, the only thing he didn’t like and has ever really not eaten well is BROCCOLI!  We would mix what we had made with lots of mango and he would eat it then… but we will hold off on making more broccoli puree and try and re-introduce it as a finger food later.


This month was a bit rough for sleep.  We had a stretch of days where he was consistently waking up every 2 hours.  We think it might have been a gas issue, that on top of him getting sick… it was a difficult phase.  Thankfully he is now sleeping from about 7:30/8ish until about 3 or 4, and then I will feed him and he will sleep until about 6 or 7.  Then he will take 2 long naps, or 3 shorter ones throughout the day.  (Depending on if we are home, or have been consistent in our routine for a few days.)

We have been spending a lot of time at my sister’s house helping with Harper and Hadley, and we’ve figured out that when he’s around Harper especially, he doesn’t want to eat or sleep!  He just keeps an eye on her nonstop…it’s actually pretty funny.

He is a food eating champ, like I mentioned above… but he is also still nursing about every 3 hours.  However, he is only nursing for about 5 minutes at a time… and that’s only if there are no distractions.  Lately, (and thanks to this article) I have realized how amazing not only the experience of nursing has been—but just the miracle of it in general!  I realize not everyone has the ability to nurse, and I feel lucky at how easy (relatively) it has been for JJ and I to master.  I know that each child is different so who knows how it will be for future babies, but knowing JJ’s interest in it is dwindling, I am reminded constantly at how blessed I feel for this special time and connection that we’ve had together.  Never in a million years did I think I would be such a sap about it. :)


Our Favorite Things This Month:
Not much to report, just two!

Ninja Master Prep Blender:  We’ve had this blender forever, but it works so well for pureeing up JJ’s food!  It has been so nice and little hassle—I can’t believe how east it is!

MG Baby Diaper Sprayer: We use cloth diapers, and now that JJ is eating real food—his diapers get much messier.  We got this sprayer off of Zulily and LOVE it.  It even comes with a wall mount to keep it out of the way… though our guests have wondered what it’s for. ;)

-JJ is saying more of his B’s, D’s, and M’s!  He will say “Dada” a lot, which Zack loves!  He also makes a noise that sounds like he’s saying, “Hi, Dad!”
-No crawling yet, but he has been getting all fours and scooting around in circles and go from sitting up to the crawling position and rocking.  It’s only a matter of time!  Better start baby proofing.

-This month we had visits from Grandma Karen and Aunt Krissy, as well as Uncle Mark (pictured above) and Cousin John, we also were at my sister’s house when Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bruce, (pictured above) and cousins Kelli and James came over!  Lots of quality family time with relatives we don’t see enough!

-We also had a photoshoot with cousin Ryder, complete with matching outfits. :)

-Last, but not least… the highlight of our month was taking JJ’s first beach trip!  JJ loved playing the sand and even got his little feet wet.  The beach is one of my personal favorite places to be, and spending a relaxing day there with my little family was just perfect!


I am amazed every single day at how quickly time is flying.  Little boy, you are truly the light of our lives and it has been such a joy getting to experience every day with you.

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