Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Harrell [10 months old]

10 months…Double digits?!  How can my baby be this old already?!  I can’t even…

This past month has been probably one of the biggest for JJ developmentally.  At one point Zack and I looked at each other and were just baffled…when did our little baby become this big boy??  Within a week he became such a different guy and learned so many new things.  It’s been amazing to watch him take in everything around him and grow! 

month 10

It’s obviously gotten a lot more challenging to get these photos. ;)

We don’t have a doctor’s appointment until 12 months so we will have to try and get some measurements on our own…but so far we haven’t.

We are so thankful to have one healthy guy!  He’s had a few rough days with teething, but nothing like last month. :) With the exception of a few bumps and scratching from testing out his new skills… he has been great!


Food.  This guy loves. to. eat.  He has never once refused real food, he just loves it! 

His new favorite thing to do is to crawl over to Daddy’s Xbox and turn it on and off… including while Daddy is playing.  (I think it’s funny, Zack not so much.)  He loves to crawl crawl crawl and stand up and walk along anything he gets hold of.  Honestly, within a week he went from rolling everywhere to crawling, standing, and walking along things… he’s growing so fast!  We live on a golf course and JJ loves standing at the window and watch the golfers, lawn mowers and geese!

He also loves standing at his toy cube and pulling out all his toys one by one, as well as crawling around the house pushing his soccer ball around. :)


Stranger danger is back in full force.  Our sensitive guy screams when unfamiliar people try and talk to and touch him.  I feel so bad that he gets so worked up… but also bad for the people because they feel guilty for making him upset!  Mostly it has been my extended family members (my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.) but any real strangers too.

One thing I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned on here is that JJ hates public restrooms.  I’m sure it has something to do with the loud noises, but he screams a lot whenever we go into them… At this point we try and just change him in the car if we need to, it’s just easier.

He is getting better in the car… but still hates it and will cry if he’s not in just the right mood.


JJ usually goes to bed around 7:30pm and will sleep until 1 or 2, and then after I feed him and he will sleep until 6-7ish.  It’s pretty consistent, so no complaints here... much better than last month. :)


Besides the purees, we are trying some solids too—by far his favorite is CHEESE!  He’s definitely my son.  Anything with cheese he lovesssss.  This includes pieces of cheese, macaroni and cheese, gnocchi with cheese, etc.  He’s getting better at swallowing regular food—I’m just paranoid about him choking and get so nervous!  Zack is better and giving him new things to try.


Mostly 9 or 9-12 month clothes, but for pants he’s more of a 12 month.  I think his big cloth diapers and long legs bump up his size in pants. And then he has a few onesies that are 3-6 months and 6 months too.


Our Favorite Things This Month:
Keeping it simple this month with just 2 toys that he has been into:
-Plush soccer ball- (same ball, different color) We got this ball as a present and have been using it in his monthly photos… but this month he’s loved playing with it!
-Infantino Activity Ball- We found a tub of handmedown toys that we totally forgot about… this is a toy from that bin and JJ loves it—it’s pretty fun for us to play with too, haha! 


The biggest event this past month was our anniversary!  Zack and left JJ with my parents for 2 nights and took a little trip away.  We were both looking forward to sleeping through the night but, of course, that didn’t happen for me.  I didn’t sleep much at all for some reason, but that’s ok.  We had the best time, but we were so happy to get back to him!

-Developmentally this month was huge for JJ!  Not only did he master crawling, he is pulling himself up on things and trying to walk along… he’s taken quite a few falls and dives, but all part of the process. :)

-I’m sure only Zack and I can confirm this—but we swear we’ve heard him say dada, mama, ball, dog, ooooh and whoa.  He actually says oooh and whoa quite a bit—it’s pretty cute.

-^Going with the above, he loves to point and things and say, “Oooooh.”  We think he’s the cutest. :)

-Another cute thing is that he has started bobbing up and down and dancing to music!

-Now, of course not everything is perfect all the time… JJ has started to throw little fits.  When he’s getting changed or doing something he doesn’t want to do he has starting fussing and throwing his legs down really hard.  I’m sure this will only get worse with time…

-Last not so great thing, JJ broke his first thing… I neverrrrr give him my phone, but we were in a public restroom and he was screaming!! (See dislikes above.)  He had leaked through his diaper and clothes so I needed to change everything and he was not cooperating, so I gave him my phone thinking it would be a distraction.  (It didn’t even help.) So once we were done, as we were walking out the door, the phone got dropped and the screen shattered.  Ugh.  Not my best choice as a parent, but it happened and I learned my lesson.

-Finally—since this is JJ’s first fall season, we went to the pumpkin patch!  I’m hoping to dedicate a whole post to this… but we had a blast. :)

I can only imagine the changes that will happen in the next month—it has been such a joy watching you explore the world and grow!  We love you baby boy!

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