Monday, October 5, 2015

Baby Harrell [9 months old]

This past month has probably been the quickest one so far!  I can’t believe JJ has been outside in the world longer than he was in my belly!  I can 120% say I much prefer him being here to pregnancy. ;)

9 month

At his 9 month appointment he measured 29 inches (70%), 20 lbs 6 oz. (65%), and his head circumference was 18.9 inches (99%!!!).  He’s got a great noggin, that’s for sure. ;)

Health wise he was great… however the teething was insane this month.  (See the sleep section below…) He got 6 new teeth this month to make it a total of 8! (4 top, 4 bottom).  Poor little guy had a fussy month, but totally understandable.


This month he loved tongues.  He discovered how to stick his out and would constantly be doing that or licking things.  He also loves watching other people stick theirs out too. :)  His new favorite thing this month was my sister’s dog, Trooper.  He had always been scared of him before, but not anymore… he is fascinated by him and always wanted to watch his every move and try to touch him.  He also loves his toothbrush… he fits right in. :)


I think because of all the teething, this month he didn’t really like to be put down.  He was extra cuddly (which I didn’t mind) but it’s hard to get things done with a clingy baby.  I soaked up all the extra cuddles this month and tried not to stress about the things not being done because I know soon those snuggles may be few and far between.  He also didn’t love sleep this month…

The stranger danger is still around, but better… he doesn’t love being held by unfamiliar people—but at least doesn’t scream in large groups anymore.  Progress.


Because of the teething, we had many many rough sleepless nights around here.  Cutting 6 teeth in a matter of a week is so difficult for everyone.  JJ would go to bed without issue around 7:30ish but then somewhere between 3-5 he woke up and would not go back to sleep.  He would be super wiggly and you could tell he was tired… but he just wouldn’t do it.  Even with Tylenol, he just seemed super uncomfortable most nights.  We drank a lot of coffee this month.


JJ is still loving his purees.  We haven’t found a single food he doesn’t like so far… As for solids, we are really trying to introduce more finger foods to him.  He’s tried pieces of avocado, eggs, cheese, and broccoli.  He has gotten a lot better as the month progressed, but still has a hard time with eggs for some reason, he will gag on them.  We are going to keep trying to incorporate small finger foods along with purees as well.


Mostly 9 month clothes, but he has a few items that are 3-6 months and 6 months.  Baby clothes are so strange.

Our Favorite Things This Month:
Our little guy is just starting to enjoy books.  He mostly likes turning the pages and chewing on them, but every once in awhile he will let us actually read them. :)  Here are three of my favorite (new-to-me) books that we’ve read:

Little Blue Truck—Great lesson in the story, and I love a good rhyming book.
Who’s That Baby—JJ loves this one because it has a mirror on every page.  He loves looking at himself in the mirror.
Sparklies Colors—The pictures in this book are so bright and fun to look at!

We also love this straw cup.  He just learned how to use the straw and likes it a lot!  We still have to watch him when he uses it because he will suck up too much and choke, but he’s learning.


8 teeth total!
-We swear he says Dada, Mama, ball, hi, and dog.
-He likes to give high fives.
-We are working on baby sign language (mostly please, more, food, water, and all done) but he’s very selective on when he wants to do them.  We know that he knows how to sign “more” because we’ve seen it… but during meal time he mostly just laughs when we do it.

-This month we celebrated his cousin Addison’s 2nd birthday!
-When Zack’s parents were up visiting we took a trip up to Timberline Lodge which Zack and I have been meaning to do forever!


-We went to dinner with some of Zack’s cousins to say goodbye to his cousin Stephanie who’s leaving for Australia for 6 months!  Sad to see her go, but so happy we had that time with her!

-Finally, the biggest thing this month was that we spent our first couple nights away from Daddy since JJ’s been born!  JJ and I took a girl’s weekend to Sun River, OR. with a few of my favorite girls from college.  I was nervous to take him alone for the weekend just because I had never done it… but he was great!  It was an amazing weekend for me, and I loved that my best friends were able to get to know JJ.  2 of them hadn’t seen him since the hospital, and one had never met him!


Little JJ you are such a blessing to your dad and I.  We love you so much and are honored to be your parents!

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  1. this post makes me wanna bring max over and just hang out with y'all all day -- seriously, so cute and i just know we'd all get along :) also- excited for max to get some teeth, but anxious about all the pain it will bring :/ --- eek!

  2. Sooo... You make cute babies!!! ;-)

  3. He is SO big! I can't believe he's 9 months already!

  4. aww so adorable! 6 teeth in a week far out poor little thing - but his smile is so adorable so I'm sure that makes up for those sleepless nights!
    Well done you for heading out by yourself and though your hubby's cousin is leaving - I hear Australia is pretty darn awesome hehehe!


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