Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baby Harrell [11 months old]

I think every single month we find ourselves saying, “This has been the most fun month so far.”  It is just amazing to watch our little guy grow and discover new things every day.  Not to mention how active he’s becoming!  He’s definitely more fun… but also a lot more work! ;)


We don’t have a doctor’s appointment until 12 months so we will have to try and get some measurements on our own…but so far we haven’t.


This month was a tough month for JJ health-wise.  Right after he turned 10 months old we had a trip planned to go down south for his baby dedication at Zack’s home church.  The night before we left we saw his cousin Harper who was sick, and she sneezed right in his face.  I actually said, “If JJ gets sick, this is the moment it happened.”  And sure enough… he got sick.  Our poor guy had a runny nose, cough and fever for our whole trip… plus we had a scary brush with what we think was Fifth’s Disease.  Turns out, it’s pretty common, but giant red welts all over your baby’s face and body are pretty scary regardless.  Despite being so sick, his mood was surprisingly good—our little guy is a trooper.

On top of the 2 colds he had this month, he also is becoming a lot more mobile which has lead to his fair share of bumps and bruises.  He’s a little boy so I guess I’ll get used to that—but I feel awful when he gets these big bumps on his head. :( 


He is still loving to eat!  This month he is all about clapping and dancing, and we just think he’s the cutest.  Whenever he hears clapping on TV or wherever, he claps right along with them.  Then, when he hears music, he starts bobbing all around dancing. :)  He has also been really into waving hi and bye… but only to people he knows… he’s still pretty shy when it comes to unfamiliar faces. 

His favorite hobby has been ripping up old magazines.  He got hold of one when I wasn’t looking and I figured as long as he doesn’t eat the pieces, what’s the harm?  (Turns out, he did eat a piece… but we’re working on that. :)  He also loves to just sit and look at books.  It makes my heart SO happy that he is starting to love books just like his mama.  Usually throughout our day you can find him crawling all over the place pushing around a ball of some sort, it’s pretty impressive and he loves to do it!


Stranger danger is still there—though a bit better than last month.  This month his dislikes include sleeping, (could be due to him being sick so much!) and eating avocados… which is so strange because he LOVED them up until now.  When we try to give him avocado chunks he will make a sour face and gag on them.  It’s really weird. Maybe we over did it?

JJ has been skipping his second nap lately—it is such a fight to try and get him down for it so he usually doesn’t have one and starts melting down around 5pm.  From 5-7 it’s a struggle… Once he does go to sleep he is still waking up 1 to 2 times a night.

IMG_2198 (1)

JJ is eating mostly anything and everything these days.  We will still do some purees at each meal, (just to guarantee he’s getting a lot of good fruits and veggies) but we also will give him pieces from whatever we are eating too!  This boy loves to eat!

Mostly 9-12 month stuff… plus a few smaller pairs of 18 month pants.  We are still doing cloth diapers so they take up a lot of pant room. :)  He also still fits into a few 6 month onesies too.


Our big trip this month was down to Zack’s parents’ house to have JJ dedicated at their church!  It was such a special day and JJ was lucky to have both sets of grandparents there!


-JJ’s first Halloween was a success!  Read about it, here!


-Developmentally this month has been huge!  Not only is he crawling and standing and walking along everything… but he can sign, “more” “milk” and “please.” Wellllll kind of, they aren’t the textbook correct signs, but he has his own way of doing them each time and he’s consistent whenever we ask him so that’s what counts, right? :)

-JJ also claps, dances, waves, and blows kisses!! It’s the cutest thing ever.  He also just discovered belly buttons which is hilarious… but not ideal when I’m trying to nurse him and he stops to point out my belly button every 10 seconds haha!


-Verbally, we swear he has said, “Harper” and my mom says she heard, “Grandma” but I don’t know if I believe that one. ;)

-JJ is filled with so much JOY and he loves to laugh.  He has a fake laugh that he does quite often, it’s pretty funny.

-We had our first big snowfall of the year and JJ LOVED it!  I took him out for a few minutes (he was sick, so not long) and he was mesmerized by the big flakes falling.  A true mountain boy already.


-On the opposite end, he has started to throw little fits.  I didn’t think this started so early but boy was I wrong… if you tell him no, or try and stop him from doing something he wants to do, he will just throw himself forward on to the ground and start crying.  Oh boy, we’re in for trouble with this one already!

-Finally, this kid has a serious arm!  He loves to throw balls around, and he is getting great at it!


We’ve got a huge month ahead of us… lots of exciting things happening so I know it will just fly by and my baby will be ONE before we know it. :(  It’s a good thing, but I get so emotional thinking about it already.  Fastest year of my life—but also the best! <3

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  1. So sorry to hear that he was so sick! I was holding a sick baby last night and she sneezed right in my face and I told Christopher, "If I get sick... this is the moment it happened" so I know exactly what you mean there! However I'm totally crossing my fingers that I stay healthy, haha!

    Love to hear that he's cruising along the furniture so well and already talking. He's a quick one!


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