Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JJ’s FIRST [star wars] Birthday Party


Hello little blog, I can’t believe it’s been so long!  And hello to any readers I might still have wandering around here… thanks for sticking around through my unpredictable pop ins.

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Well, we did it!  We survived a whole year (and now almost 2 more months!) raising a tiny little human.  I thought pregnancy and childbirth was a huge accomplishment, but having a one year old is right up there too!

I wanted to just share a little about our little guy’s first birthday party.  So much has happened since my last blog post, including a trip to Disneyland, 2 birthday parties, Christmas, a trip to Puerto Rico and so much more… but one post at a time here. :)

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We decided to have a Star Wars theme for his first party because that is the theme of his room… (which I can’t believe I never got around to sharing on here.  Soon, I hope!) Because the new movie was coming out right around his birthday too, there was tons of ideas!

We had his party at a local clubhouse, and it was the perfect amount of space.


We used different Star Wars things from JJ’s room as centerpieces, and in that back corner you can see his monthly pictures hung. (The ones shared at the top of this post!)


We printed out some of our favorite pictures from his first year and made them into this 1 sign, and right below we had some Star Wars coloring pages that I printed out for the little ones.


These blocks were a Christmas gift for JJ last year, and the 2 pictures are just ones we had hung in his room.


My mom was amazing and made JJ his own BB-8 cake, and other Star Wars cupcakes for everyone else!


For food we had just some small snacks—with a Star Wars theme.  Here we have grape sabers, trooper scoopers (tortilla chips) with Yoda-mole, Han salsa, millennium falcon fuel, (sour cream) and tie fighter washers. (olives)


We also had meat and cheese for the nachos, and Jar Jar Links in a Blanket. :)


For our guests’ sweet tooth we had light sabers, (pretzel rods dipped in colored chocolate with m&m buttons) thermal detonators, (whoppers) mini Ewoks (gummy bears) Han Rolos, and Wookie Cookies. (Chips Ahoy)


For beverages we had Luke Sky-water, Vader-Ade, and Blue Milk. <—I guess this is a Star Wars thing? I had no idea, but that was Zack’s one request for the party so I happily obliged.


True to most of our parties around here, we had a photo booth!  I hung a quilt that Zack’s aunt made JJ as a backdrop and made the masks as props.


My mom helped me sew up a special onesie for JJ’s outift—complete with a Star Wars bowtie.


A hit for all ages.  See how big little Hadley is now?!


JJ had a blast opening presents… little did he know this would be the first of many many presents to come with 2 birthday parties and 2 Christmas within 2 weeks! #DecemberBabyProblems


We weren’t quite sure how JJ would react to all the attention, (he’s pretty shy) but he didn’t seem to mind the singing and candle blowing…


He was a bit cautious at first with his cake, prefering to feed others instead of himself…


But in the end, BB-8 didn’t stand a chance.  I can’t say he actually ate much of it… but he LOVED smashing it.  And everyone loved to watch. :)


Overall, JJ had such an amazing first birthday party.  We were so thankful for all the wonderful family and friends that were able to celebrate with us both at this party, and at his party down South with Zack’s family too!

We just can’t believe he’s already one!  So thankful for the joy he’s brought us this past year, and excited to watch him grow!

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  1. Aww happy first birthday to your little guy!

  2. Now that is a really cool birthday theme! Love the cake! I have a soft spot for cleverly themed food, too...way to go! Happy birthday to him!


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